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Sparkling wines are more and more popular among wine lovers, and along with raising their quality, they become a real hit. They are no longer wines for special occasions, holidays and festivities, but also for every day, for all occasions, and even for pairing with food. This is why the idea of ​​a specialized salon, dedicated exclusively to sparkling wines, proved to be justified. The success of the recent salons in Ljubljana and Zagreb, and the greatest wine competition of sparkling wines in the region, have shown that with the help of (sparkling) wines we can successfully connect the neighboring countries and their capitals, thus promoting excellent (sparkling) wines, co-operation and honest friendships. In that respect, we have decided to expand the international network of salons of sparkling wines, as an EU project.


The Salons of sparkling wines take place at the beginning of the year (January to February). They represent “the most elegant introduction to the wine-event season," behind which the idea is to cheer the beginning of the New Year and to wish each other all the best - all over the EU.


The Salons of sparkling wines are located in the attractive locations in the center of the capitals, which provide excellent conditions for the presentation of high-quality sparkling wines, and are attractive and interesting for (domestic and foreign) visitors. Each salon has up to 40 exhibitors, which are represented on uniformed exhibition counters. One part of the event is dedicated to culinary delights, paired with sparkling wines. An integral part of the salons are workshops and guided tastings. In addition to the Salons of sparkling wines, each year a large international sparkling wine competition is organized.



The network will spread primarily within the EU and connect the member countries (and future members from the region). The Sparkling Wine Salons will be held exclusively in the EU capitals, while pre-events and other venues can also take place in other cities of special importance for the promotion and placement of wine.

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